The J-Walker Series guitars feature an innovative string tensioning system with regular tuning keys mounted directly on the body, eliminating the need for the peg head while providing exceptional sustain. The guitar uses a standard 24 ¾ inch scale. With a glued on neck, the body shape is comfortable and well balanced, and leaves easy access to all 22 frets. The result is compact and lightweight guitar, with the tonal characteristics, feeling and ergonomics of a full-size electric guitar.


The J-Walker comes in three series with several models and colors.

March Guitars by Berlemar Inc.

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The J·Walker Series

Superb sustain and great tone in a compact guitar.


March Guitars by Berlemar Inc.

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J·Walker Marathon


J·Walker Sprint


Streaker Series
Marathon/Sprint Series
Marathon/Sprint Series

J·Walker Streaker